What started off as just an idea in 2016, our conglomerate brand ‘The Papercrane & Co’ began its journey as a printing company. With lifestyle & comfort in mind in every day use, The Crane Apparel was born in 2017 as a branch off to represent wishing long life, good fortune, love & good luck. Combining our simple yet intricate designs, along with premium material quality, our apparel is will forever be tied to our mission statement:

‘To instill honorable virtues & create a positive culture’


Our very own version of a classic jacket, our Crane 'LETTERMAN' Varsity is hand-crafted to perfection for daily use. Genuine leather stitched with real wool to combine comfort and style. With hand-stitched quilted cloth inside, we do not comprise quality. Custom raised embroidered patches which represent all things Crane. Stay Fly.